Industry-Specific Solutions:

We Dive Deeper into solving the exact needs of the industries we serve.

When it comes to enterprise HR and Contractor workforce software, one-size-fits-all ends up fitting no one.

That’s where our industry focused solutions give our clients a competitive advantage. We are built from the ground up, for the makeup of our clients workforces, with specific qualifications standards, connections with other industry specific softwares, and worker onboarding that goes much deeper than more generic systems.

For construction companies performing large scale turnarounds, mainenance, catalyst and capital projects...our tools enable your hiring departments existing staff to save 70% of the time now spent on qualifying, onboarding, and staffing these projects. While giving you an ability to take on and compliantly staff up for many more jobs with your current hiring staff.

Same is true for our industry specific solution built for installation companies that use either employees or IC's and contractors to get the jobs completed.

Our Contractor version is an IC compliant system, that collects and reports on all qualifications and enables mobile electronic document completion / signatures as well as uploaded licenses/certs and insurance documents whose expirations are tracked. And accomplishes these tasks via an automated process making sure all is completed and up to date.

What does this mean for you? Well, with our specialized solutions you can optimize efficiency, supercharge productivity, gain quicker ROI and ultimately, accelerate the growth of your business.



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